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What if snacking was actually good for your health?

Discover the educational learning nuggets (or snacking) to better memorize, anchor and revise daily.

Memory functions?

INSERM (French National Institute for Health and Medical Research) has published a paper on these types of memory, which rely on different neural networks.

The aim is to understand how memory functions influence our ability to record, delete or update information.

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5 types of memories

  • Working memory: which is a representation of information stored and used in the short term (at the heart of the neural system).

  • Semantic memory: linked to expressions, signs and more generally to language or speech.

  • Episodic memory: to capture moments in space and time based on personally experienced events.

  • Procedural memory: which allows us to automate daily or regular tasks without having to relearn.

  • Perceptual memory: linked to our different senses.

Of course, you can find the complete file on the 5 types of memories on the INSERM website. We are not inventing anything here, all credit goes to the INSERM researchers.

Microlearning and memory management

Microlearning is, by definition, a short training action, requiring a few minutes (3 to 5 minutes) to learn, revise, embed or to generate interest.

In this sense, microlearning avoids overloading the learner’s working memory.

The various findings and generational conflicts are not irrelevant, on the contrary: working and entertainment times or breaks have changed considerably between generations X and Y-Z.

Productivity times are shorter and much more repeated over time for generations Y-Z.

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Finally snacking could be good for your mental health!

This is one of the principles on which microlearning is based: the consumption of educational content over time.

All of this is done without overloading our learners’ working memory. This keeps them productive, focused and available.

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