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Discover some of the companies that have placed their trust in us and their testimonials on the use of Cards micro-learning.

They trust us

Logo société APRR


uses Cards micro-learning to train its field agents in France on the group's motorway network.

Logo société Bosch Rexroth

Bosch rexroth

use Cards micro-learning.

Logo Décima Formation

Décima Formation

the Omeris's training network uses Cards micro-learning to train its employees. Thanks to them!

Logo Société Karetis à Lyon


uses Cards micro-learning with its customers & employees. Thanks to them!

logo société Kamitis


"Cards is a clear, intuitive and efficient solution. Easy to use and quick to implement, we use it to train our customers but also our new employees!" - Salomé" - Salomé

Logo société Last Innovation

Last Innovation

"Cards : Digital Learning made easy and enjoyable! They have the tool (Cards micro-learning) that can guide your digital learning and solve your pain points, quickly and effectively…and they’re great to work with too." - Philip

Logo société Hodas RH

Hodas RH

Hodas HR participated in Cards' 2018 crowdfunding campaign. Thanks to them!

Logo université Rennes 1

Student - Univ Rennes 1

"I was surprised by the quick handling to produce a micro-learning path. The back-office is really easy to use and agregate media content. The feedback of learners was great, the system of cards and rewards have been really appreciated." - Kevin

Logo France Barter

France Barter

The famous network for exchanging goods between professionals uses Cards micro-learning to present & explain the France-Barter platform.

Logo institut G4 (école)

Institut G4 Lyon

The G4 school in Lyon contributed to the Cards micro-learning crowdfunding in 2018 and deployed the solution to its students and trainers.


Visuel de l'application mobile learning utilisée par APRR

Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhône (APRR)

APRR x Cards Micro-Learning

Pauline, NUMA digital programme manager – APRR

Interview :

What are the benefits of mobile & micro learning for APRR and its employees?

“Micro-learning is accessible directly on the field. It allows an agent who encounters a problem to access it in real time, at any time of the day (Anytime, AnyWhere, AnyDevice). Micro-learning makes it possible to give meaning to the project while remaining within digital tools. The agents have a better assimilation of the message


Micro-learning for home helper

“Cards allows us to train home helps working in private homes during their public transport journey. Between 2 missions there can be between 20 and 30 minutes of travel time, this time leaves the opportunity to connect to Cards and carry out a micro-training. When I create the Cards, I make sure that the maximum time required for completion does not exceed 15 minutes.

Cards also allows us to carry out cold evaluations of certain training courses.
The advantages of Cards are numerous for us and for the users: simple connection, short and fun training, varied supports (videos, texts, diagrams, etc.).

Users are asking for more!”

By Séverine BERNARD – Education Manager at Decima Formation, in charge of training engineering

Photo témoignage client de Decima Formation
Léon – HR Chatbot RH of Treize RH company

Chatbot RH, IA & Micro Learning


Leon is an HR chatbot that uses IBM’s artificial intelligence (via Watson) to put it at the service of training and skills. Léon helps HR and managers to take care of their talents by offering publicly accessible micro-learning courses thanks to the integration of micro-learning Cards.

Customer review:

“We integrated Cards micro-learning alongside IBM’s Watson AI into our HR chatbot to deliver training content to our customers. Great!”

Visuel Hyperbolyk le chatbot RH de Treize RH

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