Microlearning case studies

For which uses could microlearning help you?

Discover our concrete case studies, combining customer cases, observed and thoughtful uses. For each case, we take care to propose or present concrete avenues related to the environment of use, the targets, the technology, the actors and the levels of objectives to be reached.

Each of the use cases are available for download for free.

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Microlearning for training organizations


In an environment related to continuing education that is undergoing rapid change and is being disrupted by the rise of technological and pedagogical innovations, training organizations are facing new issues. 

And if we add to this the post-Covid health context, then it is clear that the “traditional” models of continuing education and vocational training are no longer fully suitable for learners. Digital alternatives have become as important in the choice of a training as the subject of its financing.

Faced with this, the Training Organization “Décima Formation” uses Cards micro-learning to share short and accessible trainings during the lost time linked to the activity of life assistants.  This is the main interest of microlearning : allow learners to follow and complete short, simple and quick training courses. 

It’s also ideal for educational engineers: microlearning is good to complete longer training courses. Find out all about it in this use case.

Microlearning for OnBoarding new hires

Welcoming and training your employees from their arrival and integration into your company, to their development within your projects and products, is a great challenge!

So why rely on the principles of short and repeated formats for your Onboarding processes and materials?

  • You will simplify and centralize information for newcomers,
  • You will integrate your training modules and content,
  • Employees have a knowledge base that is easily and quickly accessible, at their fingertips,
  • The integration of new employees is dynamic,
  • You facilitate the presentation of the teams, the company and the organization,
  • You evaluate and develop the skills of your employees.

The interests and advantages are numerous!

Microlearning for Corporate Communication

There are social networks, Slack, MS Teams, Trello, Klaxoon and many others internal collaboration solutions… But what about Corporate or Business communications and employee engagement?

On this precise point, microlearning has its place since it :

  • helps reduce the amount of emails and newsletters,
  • generates engagement and becomes a sharing engine,
  • simplifies and centralizes access to internal training and resources,
  • boosts internal and business communications,
  • Ensures easy and quick reading and completion of information.

Here are some good reasons to get started!

Microlearning as a training material

Case Study : APRR (Autoroutes Paris Rhin Rhône)

Creating and feeding a knowledge base using microlearning codes and principles is possible!

APRR uses Cards micro-learning to share tutorials and microlearning with its field staff (motorway agents), which can be accessed at any time, place and device (ATAWAD = Anytime, AnyWhere, AnyDevice).

“The microlearning allows to give meaning to the project while remaining in digital tools. The agents have a better assimilation of the message” says Pauline Guerra, in charge of the Digital NUMA program at APRR.

IA, Chatbot & microlearning

Customer : Treize RH - HYPERBOLYK


Léon is an HR chatbot that uses IBM’s artificial intelligence (via Watson) to put it at the service of training and skills. Leon helps HR and managers to take care of their talents by offering them micro-learning training courses that are publicly accessible thanks to the integration of micro-learning Cards.

Use Case:

We’ve integrated Cards micro-learning alongside IBM’s Watson AI in our HR chatbot to deliver training content to our customers. Awesome!

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