Price of our microlearning LMS

Starting from 4,25€ / month

With Cards micro-learning you only pay for what you need.
Adjust your account below with our calculator, and make it evolve according to your needs.

Use the calculator below to get the price depending to the number of learners, managers and training courses you need:

Annuel (1 mois offert)
Nombre d'apprenants
Nombre de managers de contenus
Nombre de formations
Prix par apprenant
Prix par manager supplémentaire
Prix par formation supplémentaire
Prix total
Ecran de gestion de l'abonnement

Make your subscription evolve as you wish

If your business changes, you need more content modules in the application or more users, contact us and we will upgrade your subscription.

The assistance? We provide it ourselves, by email or telephone, but also in person: over a cup of coffee or at a meeting. All with pleasure, of course!

We have also created a documentation to answer any questions you may have.