What is microlearning?

Micro-learning is in fact the term used to refer to micro-training.

But finally, what are we talking about?

Micro-learning: a short training session!

Lasting only a few minutes (usually 3 to 5 minutes), any training activity that fits this time limit can be considered as micro-learning.

Often this is characterised by digitalised training (mainly online or mobile).

BEWARE ⚠️  digital is not an answer to everything: as in real life, the key is diversity to develop new skills.

A conversation over a coffee, a text message, a training session or a meeting can also be considered as micro-learning.

AND NO! Microlearning is not ONLY an E-Learning.

photo d'apprenant avec l'app de micro-learning
Visuel d'une table d'écolier

Problems to avoid

  • The regular problem with PPT and “classical” learning methods is the passivity of the learners. Training is often undergone rather than chosen. Of course, it is up to the trainer or facilitator to adapt their pedagogy to break this passivity.
  • As far as E-Learning is concerned, there is no doubt that digitalising content is no longer enough. Content must be adapted to the digital media of its learners to develop meaningful learning paths.
  • Attention time. A full 7-hour training day… that’s a long time! Especially when you consider arrival, attention required, breaks, lunch, digestion and activities!

How much for a microlearning?

The ratio of cost per hour per modality per learner is extremely variable from one modality to another. It is therefore difficult to have a precise notion of the training budget… and yet it is possible !

For example: a physical training course represents an average cost per learner per hour of 70 to 100€.

Whereas in microlearning, the ratio is more in the order of euros to cents.

How is this possible?
Logically, a one-day training course on site involves much higher costs than a digital training course divided into several 3-5 minute modules. The pedagogical design and the learning experience are also quite different.

Visuel d'un cochon tirelire illustrant le cout d'une action de micro-learning
Visuel d'ordinateur avec Cards micro-learning

Key points of microlearning

  • The learner must be free to consult the training whenever he or she wishes
  • The duration of consultation or interaction should not exceed 5 minutes per micro-learning module
  • Online, on a mobile phone, tablet or over a coffee: micro-learning is a perfect match for other teaching methods
  • Think about nibbling: learners should be able to nibble on their training bit by bit without overloading their working memory

Did you know?

In 3 up to 5 minutes you’ll retain more than in 1 hour of training!

Visuel d'un minuteur illustrant la durée des formations

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