Microlearning platform

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to create short and memorable courses

Addressing the issues:
reduced attention times, ATAWAD trainings, long and tedious training sessions, employees's onBoarding, internal communications, knowledge management, digitalization of supports,

With Cards micro-learning, create short, memorable & mobile digital trainings, easily and quickly.

Our platform has a web administration interface (an LMS-like, easier to use & accessible to anyone in the company) to create microlearning contents, a mobile-learning app + an access from a web-browser.

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Management: micro-learning LMS

Optimal admin interface

With Cards, everything has been thought out to reduce the forgetting process thanks to short modules that can be perfectly integrated into traditional or 100% digital learning paths!

We have designed a simple and functional interface so that you can focus on the main point: your pedagogy and its associated content.

Create a micro-training, add your learners and analyze their progress.

Designing educational content has never been easier!

Création d'une formation avec Cards micro-learning


Register your learners or share a registration link with them. Assign them to groups to customize their learning path and choose which courses to access and which not to;


Create your training vignette, add chapters as a learning path, then integrate your content cards. Text, image, quiz, video, audio... it's up to you!


Track your learners' progress to adapt your pedagogy, training and content. Activate end-of-training notes and feedback for your continuous improvement process.

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Mobile learning application for your learners

Our microlearning application is available on the mobile application stores for iOS and Android.

Your users or learners can download the application, log in, and directly access the microlearning courses you’ve shared with them. They can filter the courses according to their progress, or search through all the content you’ve shared them.

The clear, sober and professional user-interface has been designed specifically to integrate with your current learnings (such as more “traditional” face-to-face training, in-company training or blended learning courses combining various methodologies).


Available at your fingertips, microlearning courses are easyly available for your learners or students.


If you activate the ranking, your learner will be able to compare and challenge himself against his colleagues.


Allow your learners to rate and comment on your courses to involve them in your continuous improvement process.

How much does it cost?

Adjust your offer according to your needs

Our Cards’s offer allows you a total customization. Choose the number of learners, the number of courses, and the number of learning managers you need: you’ll only pay for that!

You can update your account (up or down) in just a few clicks.

Try for free!

Get the 15-day free review period of Cards micro-learning and pay nothing!

Register now and access all the features to test our platform.

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